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  1. variant of homo- before a vowel: homonym.

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  • Taylor could not get his boots on, and Hom discovered that both of his boots were lefts.

    A Boy Trooper With Sheridan

    Stanton P. Allen

  • Taylor and Hom had the upper bunk, while Waterman and I slept “downstairs.”

    A Boy Trooper With Sheridan

    Stanton P. Allen

  • Afrasiab escapes; but Hom captures him once more in lake Kanyesht.

    The History of Antiquity

    Max Duncker

  • Hom was the name applied to a wind instrument, a sort of trumpet.

    American Hero-Myths

    Daniel G. Brinton

  • The first quotation agreeing with a passage in our Synoptics occurs in Hom.

    Supernatural Religion, Vol. II. (of III)

    Walter Richard Cassels

  • British Dictionary definitions for hom hom homa (ˈhɒmə) noun

    1. a sacred plant of the Parsees and ancient Persians
    2. a drink made from this plant

    Word Origin for hom from Persian, from Avestan haoma hom in Medicine hom- pref.

    1. Variant ofhomo-
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