homeschool or home-school [hohm-skool] Examples verb (used with object)

  1. to teach (one’s children) at home instead of sending them to school.

verb (used without object)

  1. to educate one’s children at home.


  1. a school set up in the home.

Related formshome·school·er, noun Examples from the Web for home-school Historical Examples of home-school

  • Such a home-school the association plants in the midst of these utterly necessitous children.

    Catholic World, Vol. XI, April 1870-September 1870


  • British Dictionary definitions for home-school home-school verb

    1. to teach one’s child at home instead of sending him or her to school


      1. being educated at home rather than in schoolhome-school kids
      2. relating to the education of children in their own homes instead of in schoolhome-school parents

    Word Origin and History for home-school homeschool v.

    by 1989 (implied in homeschooling), from home (n.) + school (v.). Related: Homeschooled.

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