homeward [hohm-werd] ExamplesWord Origin adverb

  1. Also home·wards. toward home.


  1. directed toward home: his homeward way.

Origin of homeward before 900; Middle English homward, Old English hāmweard. See home, -ward Examples from the Web for homeward Contemporary Examples of homeward

  • Giving me an excuse to post the trailer for Homeward Bound on the blog!

    Holly the Cat’s Incredible Journey

    Justin Green

    January 20, 2013

  • Historical Examples of homeward

  • On the homeward way they turned into a lane and came to a clump of catnip.

    A Night Out

    Edward Peple

  • Nothing can exceed the freshness and charm of our homeward walk.

    In the Heart of Vosges

    Matilda Betham-Edwards

  • We lost our top-gallant-masts, homeward bound; but this was the only accident that occurred.

    Ned Myers

    James Fenimore Cooper

  • Enoch swiftly passed his arm about her, and turned her homeward.

    Tiverton Tales

    Alice Brown

  • Together they put out from land and hastened on their homeward voyage.

    Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew

    Josephine Preston Peabody

  • British Dictionary definitions for homeward homeward adjective

    1. directed or going home
    2. (of a ship, part of a voyage, etc) returning to the home port

    adverb Also: homewards

    1. towards home

    Word Origin and History for homeward adv.

    mid-13c., homward, from Old English ham weard; see home (n.) + -ward. Also Homewards, with adverbial genitive -s (Old English hamweardes).

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