homme [awm] Examples noun, plural hommes [awm] /ɔm/. French.

  1. a man.
  2. a human being.

Examples from the Web for homme Contemporary Examples of homme

  • I am no homme sérieux when it comes to financial policy, but I know the maxim that “bad cases make bad law.”

    Bonfire of the Inanities

    Christopher Buckley

    March 22, 2009

  • Historical Examples of homme

  • It appears that the ‘homme de confiance’ of Changarnier was in his pay.

    The Map of Life

    William Edward Hartpole Lecky

  • Her mother had been French; her father an Indian, “un brave homme.”

    Seen and Unseen

    E. Katharine Bates

  • The poet was the real “homme suprieur” of the time, not only in fancy but in fact.

    Vie de Bohme

    Orlo Williams

  • But if this dies out, what is left is the homme sensuel moyen.

    Discourses in America

    Matthew Arnold

  • It was natural for me to accept the support of mon homme, like all other women.

    The Mountebank

    William J. Locke

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