homostyled or ho·mo·sty·lous [hoh-moh-stahyld or hoh-moh-stahy-luh s] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. (of a plant) having styles of the same form or length in all flowers.

Also ho·mo·sty·lic [hoh-moh-stahy-lik] /ˌhoʊ moʊˈstaɪ lɪk/. Origin of homostyled First recorded in 1875–80; homo- + -style1 + -ed3 Related formsho·mo·styl·ism, ho·mo·sty·ly, noun Examples from the Web for homostyled Historical Examples of homostyled

  • Homogone, or Homogonous, counterpart of Heterogone or Homostyled.

    The Elements of Botany

    Asa Gray

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