Honegger [hon-i-ger, hoh-neg-er; French aw-ne-ger] Examples noun

  1. Ar·thur [ahr-ther; French ar-too r] /ˈɑr θər; French arˈtʊər/, 1892–1955, Swiss composer, born in France.

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  • Once the process was finalized on March 19, Michele automatically became a citizen as well, according to Honegger.

    Bachmann Becomes a Citizen of Tyrannical Switzerland

    Noah Kristula-Green

    May 9, 2012

  • British Dictionary definitions for honegger Honegger noun

    1. Arthur (artyr). 1892–1955, French composer, one of Les Six. His works include the oratorios King David (1921) and Joan of Arc at the Stake (1935), and Pacific 231 (1924) for orchestra

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