Honorius [hoh-nawr-ee-uh s, -nohr-] Examples noun

  1. Fla·vi·us [fley-vee-uh s] /ˈfleɪ vi əs/, a.d. 384–423, Roman emperor of the West 395–423.

Honorius I noun

  1. died a.d. 638, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 625–638.

Honorius II noun

  1. Lamberto Scannabecchi, died 1130, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1124–30.

Honorius III noun

  1. Cencio Savelli, died 1227, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1216–27.

Honorius IV noun

  1. Giacomo Savelli, 1210–87, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1285–87.

Examples from the Web for honorius Historical Examples of honorius

  • Honorius murmured a few words of silent thankfulness and prayer.

    The Martyr of the Catacombs


  • In the reign of Honorius, however, it was altogether abolished.

    Little Folks (October 1884)


  • Her purpose was accomplished when he was declared joint emperor with Honorius.


    Charles Dudley Warner

  • In 410 the Britons implored the Emperor Honorius to send them help.

    A Student’s History of England, v. 1 (of 3)

    Samuel R. Gardiner.

  • Of all things, Honorius could not bear that his father should reproach himself.

    Holiday Tales

    Florence Wilford

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