Honshu [hon-shoo; Japanese hawn-shoo] Examples noun

  1. an island in central Japan: chief island of the country. 88,851 sq. mi. (230,124 sq. km).

Also called Hondo. Examples from the Web for honshu Contemporary Examples of honshu

  • Shinjiro Torii built the first whisky distillery in Japan in 1923 at Yamazaki on the island of Honshu.

    Watch Out, Scotland! Japanese Whisky Is on the Rise

    Kayleigh Kulp

    November 16, 2014

  • Historical Examples of honshu

  • The Takahashis went on a three weeks vacation to the south coast of Honshu, and all was peaceful, externally at least.

    The Image and the Likeness

    John Scott Campbell

  • British Dictionary definitions for honshu Honshu noun

    1. the largest of the four main islands of Japan, between the Pacific and the Sea of Japan; regarded as the Japanese mainland; includes a number of offshore islands and contains most of the main cities. Pop: 102 324 961 (2000). Area: 230 448 sq km (88 976 sq miles)Also called: Hondo

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