hore n.

“dirt, filth,” also hor; from Old English horh “phlegm,” horu “foulness,” from Proto-Germanic *horwo- (cf. Old Frisian hore, Old High German horo, Old Norse horr), perhaps imitative.


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  • Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper Examples from the Web for hore Historical Examples of hore

  • Colonel Hore’s gallant Australians and Rhodesians had just been relieved.

    A Yeoman’s Letters

    P. T. Ross

  • They were already in the fort that was held by Colonel Hore and his staff!

    South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. V (of VI)

    Louis Creswicke

  • The entire operations from this side were conducted by Colonel Hore.

    The Siege of Mafeking (1900)

    J. Angus Hamilton.

  • Journal, with most interesting notes by Mr. Hore of Wexford.

    An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800

    Mary Frances Cusack

  • We feared a ruse, and whispered to Colonel Hore, as he advanced to meet the commandant, to be careful.

    The Siege of Mafeking (1900)

    J. Angus Hamilton.

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