Ein ICE-Sonderzug auf der Schnellfahrstrecke München-Berlin

Huawei is to equip critical network of Deutsche Bahn

Huawei is according to a newspaper report important supplier of German train, The controversial Chinese telecom equipment supplier is said to "Handelsblatt"in addition to the software company Atos and the network equipment manufacturer Nokia, the highly sensitive rail network GSM-R of the state-owned company to rebuild.

This network enjoys security level one at the railway, because it controls the entire train traffic within Germany and across the borders. The total contract value is estimated at half a billion euros.

The presentation of the US government, Huawei could not ensure data security, has in Germany fierce dispute over the future role Huawei triggered in the equipment with communication technology. From a security risk wants the web but nothing.

For the renewal of the Europe-wide standardized radio system in the German railway network, the Deutsche Bahn had tendered and awarded services under the applicable law, said the state-owned company "Handelsblatt". "The components of the contract partners are currently undergoing the comprehensive approval process of DB and the supervisory authority, whereby the use in the railway system is tested in detail and intensively tested."

USA: Huawei's involvement endangers NATO cooperation

Meanwhile, the US increased the pressure on the debate in Germany. Restrictions on military cooperation within NATO are possible, Berlin should rely on Huawei, said Curtis Scaparrotti, the commander of NATO troops in Europe, this week at a hearing in the US Congress.

If the 5Gmobile network As part of the military communications networks, NATO will no longer communicate with its German counterparts in this way. "For the military, this would be a problem," said Scaparrotti. Earlier, the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, threatened, with a stake Huawei in the German network expansion of the To end cooperation with the German secret service,

The state-owned Deutsche Bahn insured in the "Handelsblatt": "Should change the safety assessment regarding a supplier or the law, we will of course take this into account."

Also Chancellor Angela Merkel had rejected the US criticism of the German attitude to Huawei. "For the Federal Government is the security of a good asset, especially in the expansion of the 5G network," said the CDU politician. "That's why we set our standards for ourselves." Your party friend Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, nevertheless demanded in the "Handelsblatt": "We need a debate in the parliament."

Huawei is said to have offered "no-spy agreement"

The German security authorities had already played through measures against the Chinese group. Concrete evidence of a suspicion of espionage they have according to their own information, but not yet. According to "Handelsblatt" Huawei Germany has now offered a "no-spy agreement" to address the security concerns of the federal government. A confirmation for this there is not yet.

The contract between Huawei and Bahn had been signed years ago and almost had to be dissolved. However, the federal government has rejected the plan to exclude Huawei because of security concerns from the expansion of the 5G network and instead to tighten the safety assessment of each supplier. A stop for 5G would have meant the end of the million heavy rail contract.

Huawei is one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment suppliers. The US and other countries accuse him of being too close to the Chinese authorities and see Huawei as a danger to their cybersecurity. The company rejects the allegations.

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