1. intact dilatation and extraction.

  1. a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds: bromide.


  1. another name for the silver orfeSee orfe

suffix forming nouns

  1. (added to the combining form of the nonmetallic or electronegative elements) indicating a binary compoundsodium chloride
  2. indicating an organic compound derived from anotheracetanilide
  3. indicating one of a class of compounds or elementspeptide; lanthanide

suffix used to form names of simple compounds of an element with another element or radical; originally abstracted from oxide, the first so classified.


  1. Group of related chemical compounds:monosaccharide.
  2. Binary compound:sodium chloride.
  3. Chemical element with properties similar to another:lanthanide.

  1. A suffix used to form the names of various chemical compounds, especially the second part of the name of a compound that has two members (such as sodium chloride) or the name of a general type of compound (such as polysaccharide).
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