1. a means of identification, as a card or bracelet containing official or approved identification information.

verb (used with object), ID’d or IDed or ID’ed, ID’ing or ID·ing.

  1. to identify.
  2. to issue an ID to: Go to the admissions office if you haven’t been ID’d yet.

abbreviation for

  1. Idaho
  2. identification (document)
  3. Also: i.d inside diameter
  4. Intelligence Department
  5. Also: i.d intradermal


  1. psychoanal the mass of primitive instincts and energies in the unconscious mind that, modified by the ego and the superego, underlies all psychic activity

the internet domain name for

  1. Indonesia

1924, in Joan Riviere’s translation of Freud’s “Das Ich und das Es” (1923), from Latin id “it” (translation of German es “it” in Freud’s title), used in psychoanalytical theory to denote the unconscious instinctual force. Latin id is from PIE pronomial stem *i- (see yon).


  1. In psychoanalytic theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs.


  1. infecting dose

In Freudian theory, the part of the psyche associated with instinctual, repressed, or antisocial desires, usually sexual or aggressive. In its efforts to satisfy these desires, the id comes into conflict with the social and practical constraints enforced by the ego and superego. (See also pleasure principle.)

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