verb (used with object), im·brued, im·bru·ing.

  1. to stain: He refused to imbrue his hands with the blood of more killing.
  2. to impregnate or imbue (usually followed by with or in): They are imbrued with the follies of youth.

verb -brues, -bruing or -brued (tr) rare

  1. to stain, esp with blood
  2. to permeate or impregnate

early 15c., “to soak, steep;” mid-15c., “to stain, soil,” from Old French embreuvere “to moisten,” a metathesis of embeuvrer, from em- (see im-) + -bevrer, ultimately from Latin bibere “to drink” (see imbibe). Or perhaps from Old French embroue “soiled,” ultimately from boue “mud, dirt.”

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