1. cut into: the incised material.
  2. made by cutting: an incised pattern.
  3. Medicine/Medical. made or cut cleanly, as if surgically; not ragged: an incised wound.
  4. (of a leaf) sharply, deeply, and somewhat irregularly notched.

verb (used with object), in·cised, in·cis·ing.

  1. to cut into; cut marks, figures, etc., upon.
  2. to make (marks, figures, etc.) by cutting; engrave; carve.


  1. cut into or engravedan incised surface
  2. made by cutting or engravingan incised design
  3. (of a wound) cleanly cut, as with a surgical knife
  4. having margins that are sharply and deeply indentedan incised leaf


  1. (tr) to produce (lines, a design, etc) by cutting into the surface of (something) with a sharp tool

1540s, from French inciser (15c.), from Old French enciser (12c.), from Latin incisus, past participle of incidere “to cut into, cut through” (see incision). Related: Incised; incising.


  1. To cut into with a sharp instrument.

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