1. a cut, notch, or deep recess: various bays and indentations.
  2. a series of incisions or notches: the indentation of a maple leaf.
  3. a notching or being notched.
  4. indention(defs 1, 2).


  1. a hollowed, notched, or cut place, as on an edge or on a coastline
  2. a series of hollows, notches, or cuts
  3. the act of indenting or the condition of being indented
  4. Also called: indention, indent the leaving of space or the amount of space left between a margin and the start of an indented line

1728, of margins or edges, extended form of indent (n.). Meaning “action of making a dent or impression” is from 1847.


  1. A notch, a pit, or a depression.

A space left between the left-hand margin of a line of type or handwriting and the beginning of a sentence or quotation. The beginning of a paragraph is usually indented.

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