noun, plural in·di·ci·a [in-dish-ee-uh] /ɪnˈdɪʃ i ə/, in·di·ci·ums.

  1. indicia(def 2).

plural noun, singular in·di·ci·um.

  1. a postal marking used rather than a stamp or a regular cancellation on each item in a large shipment of prepaid mail.
  2. Often indicium.
    1. a printed message or instruction, especially one stamped on a package: an indicium of “bulk mail.”
    2. an indication or token.

pl n singular -cium (-ʃɪəm)

  1. distinguishing markings or signs; indications

“indications,” Latin plural of indicium “information, disclosure, discovery,” from index (genitive indicis); see index.

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