1. firmly fixed; deep-rooted; inveterate: ingrained superstition.
  2. wrought into or through the grain or fiber.

verb (used with object)

  1. to implant or fix deeply and firmly, as in the nature or mind.


  1. ingrained; firmly fixed.
  2. (of fiber or yarn) dyed in a raw state, before being woven or knitted.
  3. made of fiber or yarn so dyed: ingrain fabric.
  4. (of carpets) made of ingrain yarn and so woven as to show a different pattern on each side; reversible.


  1. yarn, wool, etc., dyed before manufacture.
  2. an ingrain carpet.


  1. deeply impressed or instilledhis fears are deeply ingrained
  2. (prenominal) complete or inveterate; utteran ingrained fool
  3. (esp of dirt) worked into or through the fibre, grain, pores, etc

verb (ɪnˈɡreɪn) (tr)

  1. to impress deeply on the mind or nature; instil
  2. archaic to dye into the fibre of (a fabric)

adjective (ˈɪnˌɡreɪn)

  1. variants of ingrained
  2. (of woven or knitted articles, esp rugs and carpets) made of dyed yarn or of fibre that is dyed before being spun into yarn

noun (ˈɪnˌɡreɪn)

    1. a carpet made from ingrained yarn
    2. such yarn

1766, see engrain. Figurative use, of qualities, habits, etc., attested from 1851 (in ingrained). Of dyed carpets, etc., 1766, from in grain.

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