1. not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive: He drank an inordinate amount of wine.
  2. unrestrained in conduct, feelings, etc.: an inordinate admirer of beauty.
  3. disorderly; uncontrolled.
  4. not regulated; irregular: inordinate hours.


  1. exceeding normal limits; immoderate
  2. unrestrained, as in behaviour or emotion; intemperate
  3. irregular or disordered

late 14c., “not ordered, lacking order or regularity,” from Latin inordinatus “unordered, not arranged,” from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + ordinatus, past participle of ordinare “to set in order” (see order). Sense of “immoderate, excessive” is from notion of “not kept within orderly limits.” Related: Inordinately; inordinateness.

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