verb (used with object), in·suf·flat·ed, in·suf·flat·ing.

  1. to blow or breathe (something) in.
  2. Medicine/Medical. to blow (air or a medicinal substance) into some opening or upon some part of the body.
  3. Ecclesiastical. to breathe upon, especially upon one being baptized or upon the water of baptism.


  1. (tr) to breathe or blow (something) into (a room, area, etc)
  2. med to blow (air, medicated powder, etc) into the lungs or into a body cavity
  3. (tr) to breathe or blow upon (someone or something) as a ritual or sacramental act, esp so as to symbolize the influence of the Holy Spirit


  1. The act or an instance of insufflating.
  2. A finely powdered or liquid inhalant drug.


  1. To blow into, especially to fill the lungs of an asphyxiated person with air, or to blow a medicated vapor, powder, or anesthetic into the lungs, or into any cavity or orifice of the body.
  2. To treat by blowing a medicated powder, gas, or vapor into a bodily cavity.

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