isoleucine [ahy-suh-loo-seen, -sin] Word Origin noun Biochemistry.

  1. a crystalline amino acid, C6H13O2, occurring in proteins, that is essential to the nutrition of humans and animals. Abbreviation: Ile; Symbol: I

Origin of isoleucine First recorded in 1900–05; iso- + leucine British Dictionary definitions for isoleucine isoleucine noun

  1. an essential amino acid that occurs in proteins and is formed by protein hydrolysis

isoleucine in Medicine isoleucine [ī′sə-lōō′sēn′] n.

  1. An essential amino acid that is isomeric with leucine.

isoleucine in Science isoleucine [ī′sə-lōō′sēn′]

  1. An essential amino acid. Chemical formula: C6H13NO2. See more at amino acid.

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