isotype [ahy-suh-tahyp] Word Origin noun

  1. a drawing, diagram, or other symbol that represents a specific quantity of or other fact about the thing depicted: Every isotype of a house on that chart represents a thousand new houses.
  2. a statistical graph, chart, diagram, etc., that employs such symbols.
  3. Biology. any of two or more separate populations of the same or a similar type.
  4. Immunology. any antigenic determinant that is common to all individuals in a species.

Origin of isotype First recorded in 1880–85; iso- + type isotype in Medicine isotype [ī′sə-tīp′] n.

  1. An antigenic marker that occurs in all members of a subclass of an immunoglobulin class.

Related formsi′so•typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.

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