Italia irredenta

Italia irredenta

Italia irredenta [Italian eer-ree-den-tah] noun

  1. See under irredentist(def 1).

irredentist [ir-i-den-tist] noun

  1. (usually initial capital letter) a member of an Italian association that became prominent in 1878, advocating the redemption, or the incorporation into Italy, of certain neighboring regions (Italia irredenta) having a primarily Italian population.
  2. a member of a party in any country advocating the acquisition of some region included in another country by reason of cultural, historical, ethnic, racial, or other ties.


  1. pertaining to or supporting such a party or its doctrine.

Origin of irredentist 1880–85; Italian irredentista, equivalent to (Italia) irredent(a) (Italy) unredeemed (feminine of irredento, equivalent to ir- ir-2 + redento Latin redemptus; see redemption) + -ista -ist Related formsir·re·den·tism, noun British Dictionary definitions for italia irredenta irredentist noun

  1. a person who favours the acquisition of territory that once was part of his country or is considered to have been


  1. of, relating to, or advocating this belief

Derived Formsirredentism, nounWord Origin for irredentist C19: from Italian irredentista, from the phrase Italia irredenta, literally: Italy unredeemed, from ir- in- 1 + redento redeemed, from Latin redemptus bought back; see redeem Italia irredenta noun

  1. See Irredentist

Irredentist noun

  1. (sometimes not capital) a member of an Italian association prominent in 1878 that sought to recover for Italy certain neighbouring regions (Italia irredenta) with a predominantly Italian population that were under foreign control

Word Origin and History for italia irredenta irredentist n.

1882, member of Italian political party which (after 1878) demanded the annexation of neighboring Italian-speaking regions (Trieste, S. Tyrol, Nice, Corsica, etc.), from Italian Irredentista, from (Italia) irredenta “unredeemed (Italy).” Related: Irredentism.

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