italicize [ih-tal-uh-sahyz, ahy-tal-] ExamplesWord Origin verb (used with object), i·tal·i·cized, i·tal·i·ciz·ing.

  1. to print in italic type.
  2. to underscore with a single line, as in indicating italics.

verb (used without object), i·tal·i·cized, i·tal·i·ciz·ing.

  1. to use italics.

Also especially British, i·tal·i·cise. Origin of italicize First recorded in 1785–95; italic + -ize Related formsi·tal·i·ci·za·tion, nounun·i·tal·i·cized, adjective Examples from the Web for italicise Historical Examples of italicise

  • The following sentences have so many faults I cannot Italicise.

    Scientific American magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 1


  • We did not deem it necessary to italicise article and wears.

    Stephen H. Branch’s Alligator, Vol. 1 No. 1, April 24, 1858

    Stephen H. Branch

  • I have taken the liberty to italicise a word or two, because in them Mr. Barrie supplied an answer to his question.

    Adventures in Criticism

    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

  • British Dictionary definitions for italicise italicize italicise verb

    1. to print (textual matter) in italic type
    2. (tr) to underline (letters, words, etc) with a single line to indicate italics

    Derived Formsitalicization or italicisation, noun Word Origin and History for italicise italicize v.

    “to print in italics” (for emphasis, etc.), 1795, from italic + -ize. Related: Italicized; italicizing.

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