ivory nut

ivory nut

ivory nut ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the seed of a low, South American palm, Phytelephas macrocarpa, yielding vegetable ivory.
  2. a similar seed from other palms.

Origin of ivory nut First recorded in 1915–20 Examples from the Web for ivory nut Historical Examples of ivory nut

  • The price of ivory-nut waste was high, because of the use of this material in the manufacture of lactic acid.

    America’s Munitions 1917-1918

    Benedict Crowell

  • British Dictionary definitions for ivory nut ivory nut noun

    1. the seed of the ivory palm, which contains an ivory-like substance used to make buttons, etc
    2. any similar seed from other palms

    Former name (1871–1932): vegetable ivory

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