james douglas

james douglas

< /ˈɔr vɪl/, 1898–1980, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1939–75.

  • a city on and the capital of the Isle of Man: resort.
  • a city in SE Arizona.
  • a town in central Georgia.
  • a male given name: from a Scottish word meaning “black water.”
  • noun

    1. a town and resort on the Isle of Man, capital of the island, on the E coast. Pop: 25 347 (2001)


    1. C (lifford) H (ugh). 1879–1952, British economist, who originated the theory of social credit
    2. Gavin. ?1474–1522, Scottish poet, the first British translator of the Aeneid
    3. Keith (Castellain). 1920–44, British poet, noted for his poems of World War II: killed in action
    4. Michael K (irk). born 1944, US film actor; his films include Romancing the Stone (1984), Wall Street (1987), Basic Instinct (1992), and Wonder Boys (2000)
    5. (George) Norman. 1868–1952, British writer, esp of books on southern Italy such as South Wind (1917)
    6. Tommy, full name Thomas Clement Douglas (1904–86). Canadian statesman: premier of Saskatchewan 1944–61

    family name (late 12c.), later masc. personal name, from Gaelic Dubh glas “the dark water,” name of a place in Lanarkshire. Douglas fir named for David Douglas (1798-1834), Scottish botanist who first recorded it in Pacific Northwest, 1825. Douglas scheme, Douglas plan, Douglassite, etc. refer to “social credit” economic model put forth by British engineer Maj. Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952).

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