noun, plural jeop·ard·ies.

  1. hazard or risk of or exposure to loss, harm, death, or injury: For a moment his life was in jeopardy.
  2. peril or danger: The spy was in constant jeopardy of being discovered.
  3. Law. the danger or hazard of being found guilty, and of consequent punishment, undergone by criminal defendants on trial.

noun (usually preceded by in)

  1. danger of injury, loss, death, etc; risk; peril; hazardhis health was in jeopardy
  2. law danger of being convicted and punished for a criminal offenceSee also double jeopardy

c.1300, ioparde (13c. in Anglo-French), from Old French jeu parti, literally “a divided game, game with even chances,” from jeu “a game” (from Latin iocus “jest;” see joke (n.)) + parti, past participle of partir “to divide” (see part (v.)). Originally “a stratagem;” sense of “danger, risk” is late 14c.

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