john von neumann

< /nəˈpɒm əˌsin/, 1811–60, U.S. Roman Catholic clergyman and educator, born in the Austrian Empire: canonized 1977.

  • John von. Von Neumann, John.
  • noun

    1. John,1903–57, U.S. mathematician, born in Hungary.


    1. (German ˈnɔyman) Johann Balthasar (joˈhan ˈbaltazar). 1687–1753, German rococo architect. His masterpiece is the church of Vierzehnheiligen in Bavaria
    2. (ˈnjuːmən) See (John) von Neumann


    1. John. 1903–57, US mathematician, born in Hungary. He formulated game theory and contributed to the development of the atomic bomb and to the development of the stored-program computer (von Neumann machine)

    1. Hungarian-born American mathematician who contributed to mathematical theories about numbers and games. He was a leader in the design and development of high-speed electronic computers and also contributed to the field of cybernetics, a term he coined.

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