joseph lister

< /laɪm ˈri dʒɪs/, 1827–1912, English surgeon: founder of modern antiseptic surgery.


  1. US and Canadian agriculture a plough with a double mouldboard designed to throw soil to either side of a central furrowAlso called: lister plough, middlebreaker, middle buster


  1. Joseph, 1st Baron Lister. 1827–1912, British surgeon, who introduced the use of antiseptics

  1. British surgeon who demonstrated in 1865 that carbolic acid was an effective antiseptic agent and introduced it to the surgical process.

  1. British surgeon who, influenced by Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, established in 1865 a system of antiseptic measures in hospitals to combat infections. His practices dramatically decreased the number by deaths caused by infection and were gradually adopted in hospitals throughout Europe.

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