julian bream


  1. Julian (Alexander),born 1933, English guitarist and lutenist.

noun plural bream or brim

  1. any of several Eurasian freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Abramis, esp A. brama, having a deep compressed body covered with silvery scales
  2. white bream or silver bream a similar cyprinid, Blicca bjoerkna
  3. short for sea bream
  4. Australian any of various marine fishes


  1. nautical (formerly) to clean debris from (the bottom of a vessel) by heating to soften the pitch


  1. Julian (Alexander). born 1933, English guitarist and lutenist

freshwater fish, late 14c., from Old French braisme “bream,” from Frankish *brahsima, from West Germanic *brahsm- (cf. Old High German brahsima), perhaps from Proto-Germanic base *brehwan “to shine, glitter, sparkle,” from PIE *bherek- (see braid (v.)).

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