noun, plural ju·ra [joo r-uh; Latin yoo-rah] /ˈdʒʊər ə; Latin ˈyu rɑ/. Law.

  1. a right.
  2. law as a system or in the abstract.

noun French.

  1. juice; gravy.


  1. Confucian(def 2).
  2. one of the tutors of aristocratic origin working during the Chou dynasty.

noun Latin.

  1. canon law.

noun Latin.

  1. divine law.

noun plural jura (ˈdʒʊərə) law

  1. a right, power, or authority
  2. law in the abstract or as a system, as distinguished from specific enactments


  1. a sauce


  1. canon law


  1. divine law

French, literally “juice” (see juice).

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