justice in eyre

noun Old English Law.

  1. See under eyre(def 1).

noun Old English Law.

  1. a circuit made by an itinerant judge (justice in eyre) in medieval England.
  2. a county court held by a justice in eyre.

noun English legal history

  1. any of the circuit courts held in each shire from 1176 until the late 13th century
  2. justices in eyre the justices travelling on circuit and presiding over such courts


  1. Lake Eyre a shallow salt lake or salt flat in NE central South Australia, about 11 m (35 ft) below sea level, divided into two areas (North and South); it usually contains little or no water. Maximum area: 9600 sq km (3700 sq miles)


  1. Edward John. 1815–1901, British explorer and colonial administrator. He was governor of Jamaica (1864–66) until his authorization of 400 executions to suppress an uprising led to his recall
  2. Sir Richard. born 1943, British theatre director: director of the Royal National Theatre (1988–97)

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