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Justus Franz: Enforcement order against star pianists

The pianist and conductor Justus Frantz, 74, is in trouble. According to information from the news magazine DER SPIEGEL, a judge from the district court of Hamburg issued a warrant for arresting Frantz in order to force him to provide property information. Thus, the court acknowledged that the musician had not appeared in September 2018 for an appointment in which he should give the asset information – better known as the oath of blessing – for the World Peace Philharmonia of the Nations GmbH, which he had recently led. (Read the whole story here at SPIEGEL +.)

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As it is now known, the company had to file for bankruptcy in October 2018; She directs the affairs of the Philharmonia of the Nations, in which musicians from different countries play under the direction of Frantz. Frantz had given her management just days before filing for bankruptcy and transferred to a businessman from the Thuringian Stadtilm, who has already several times directed companies into bankruptcy.

Background of the financial problems are, according to SPIEGEL, among other things, fees to which a Lithuanian state choir is still waiting today. The manager of the choir had tried in vain after January 2018 with the Philharmonic of the Nations in Bielefeld and Wuppertal to bring Frantz or people from its environment for payment. Finally, he obtained a judicial payment against World Peace GmbH.

The arrest warrant for Frantz is currently suspended due to the insolvency of the company, but not canceled. Frantz's lawyers failed with two complaints against the arrest warrant. Frantz remains "even after his dismissal (as CEO, Red.) Notification required," said the judge. Frantz sees himself as a victim of a former partner who has agreed to finance the concerts. This did not teach the money. He, Frantz, had therefore had to shoot large sums of his private fortune.

The partner, an entrepreneur from Halle on the Saale, said that a Russian company had not complied with a sponsorship. He too had lost money.

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