1. a member of a continental Germanic tribe, probably from Jutland, that invaded Britain in the 5th century a.d. and settled in Kent.


  1. of or relating to the Jutes


  1. another name for Kentish


  1. either of two Old World tropical yellow-flowered herbaceous plants, Corchorus capsularis or C. olitorius, cultivated for their strong fibre: family Tiliaceae
  2. this fibre, used in making sacks, rope, etc


  1. a member of one of various Germanic tribes, some of whom invaded England in the 6th century ad, settling in Kent

plant fiber, 1746, from Bengali jhuto, from Sanskrit juta-s “twisted hair,” related to jata “braid of hair,” of unknown origin, probably from a non-Indo-European language.

Old English Eotas, one of the ancient Germanic inhabitants of Jutland in Denmark; traditionally they were said to have settled in Kent and Hampshire during the 5c. invasion of Britain. The name is related to Old Norse Iotar.

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