Sunday , September 20 2020
Kanye West: "No music until I'm done with Sony and Universal"

Kanye West: "No music until I'm done with Sony and Universal"

In a nightly Twitter tirade, rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West vented violent frustration in the music industry – and thus clouded his fans' hopes for a new album soon. He sees the business as modern slavery, wrote West. "I need to see the contracts of everyone at Universal and Sony," he tweeted, and, "I'm not going to watch my people get enslaved". His children should one day own his "Masters", the originals of his recordings.

This anger probably also has an impact on his own work. "I'm not making music until I have finished my contract with Sony and Universal," tweeted West – and removed the post after a while, but some US media reported before deletion, such as the magazine "Variety".

Sudden, very emotional outbursts are a regular occurrence at Kanye West. The musician has bipolar disorder. Phases of great euphoria, thirst for action and extroversion alternate with abysmal dejection. The recurring processes of the disease were very open to West in the past year Described in conversation with late night talker David Letterman.

Then he sometimes fires tweets on the Internet, and everything that is in it gets a lot of attention, but is at the same time dismissed with the words "Oh, he's just crazy". West is apparently in the beginning of a manic phase, so his new statements on Twitter suggest: "I'm the new Moses", West wrote last night. In staccato and without further explanation, Kanye recommended that his followers buy land.

In July, the 43-year-old West wanted to release a new album entitled "Donda". But the announcement two days before the set date was not followed by an album. This is also nothing new in the West Universe, his albums have seldom appeared at the time he announced, and they often had different titles than expected. It is therefore completely unclear when "Donda" will come.

West's ambitions Becoming US President was also in a boom in July. However, these had dissolved after a tearful election campaign appearance in South Carolina and missed registration deadlines in several US states. West had already toyed with the idea of ​​setting this goal for 2024.

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