noun, plural ker·ries.

  1. one of an Irish breed of small, black dairy cattle.


  1. a county in W Munster province, in the SW Republic of Ireland. 1815 sq. mi. (4700 sq. km). County seat: Tralee.
  2. a male given name, form of Kerr.


  1. John Forbes . born 1943, US politician; unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate in the presidential election of 2004; secretary of state from 2013


  1. a county of SW Republic of Ireland, in W Munster province: mostly mountainous (including the highest peaks in Ireland), with a deeply indented coast and many offshore islands. County town: Tralee. Pop: 132 527 (2002). Area: 4701 sq km (1815 sq miles)
  2. a small black breed of dairy cattle, originally from Kerry

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