< /kɪ bʊtˈsim/.

  1. (in Israel) a community settlement, usually agricultural, organized under collectivist principles.

noun plural kibbutzim (ˌkɪbʊtˈsiːm)

  1. a collective agricultural settlement in modern Israel, owned and administered communally by its members and on which children are reared collectively

“Israeli collective settlement,” 1931, from Modern Hebrew qibbus “gathering,” earlier “a gathering together,” verbal noun from root of qibbetz “he gathered together.” Plural is kibbutzim. Related to Arabic quabada “he grasped, seized.”

plur. kibbutzim (ki-boot-seem)

A communal farm or settlement in Israel. Kibbutzim have helped build national spirit in Israel, and the residents have transformed barren land into fertile, crop-producing land.

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