1. marked by an indiscriminate and omnivorous use of elements: a kitchen-sink approach to moviemaking.


  1. the final item imaginable on any extensive list of usually disparate items: He packed everything for his trip except the kitchen sink.


  1. a sink in a kitchen for washing dishes, vegetables, etc
  2. everything but the kitchen sink everything that can be conceived of
  3. (modifier) denoting a type of drama or painting of the 1950s depicting the sordid aspects of domestic reality

attested by 1824. Phrase everything but (or and) the kitchen sink is 1944, from World War II armed forces slang, in reference to intense bombardment.

Out for blood, our Navy throws everything but the kitchen sink at Jap vessels, warships and transports alike. [Shell fuel advertisement, “Life,” Jan. 24, 1944]

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