1. a person or thing that knocks.
  2. a hinged knob, bar, etc., on a door, for use in knocking.
  3. Informal. a persistent and carping critic; faultfinder.
  4. Slang: Vulgar. a female breast.
  1. on the knocker, British Slang. canvassing or selling door-to-door.


  1. an object, usually ornamental and made of metal, attached to a door by a hinge and used for knocking
  2. informal a person who finds fault or disparages
  3. (usually plural) slang a female breast
  4. a person or thing that knocks
  5. on the knocker Australian and NZ informal promptly; at onceyou pay on the knocker here

late 14c., agent noun from knock. Sense of “door banger” is by 1590s. Knockers “a woman’s breasts” is slang attested from 1941.

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