Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. krypton.


  1. king’s rook.

  1. kreutzer.
  2. krona; kronor.
  3. króna; krónur.
  4. krone; kroner.

  1. (in Sweden and the Faeroe Islands) krona; kronor.
  2. (in Iceland) króna; krónur.
  3. (in Denmark and Norway) krone; kroner.

the internet domain name for

  1. Republic of Korea

symbol for

  1. currency
    1. krona
    2. krone

the chemical symbol for

  1. krypton

symbol for

  1. king’s rook

abbreviation for

  1. krona
  2. krone

  1. The symbol for the elementkrypton

  1. The symbol for krypton.


  1. A colorless, odorless element in the noble gas group. It is used in certain fluorescent lamps and photographic flash lamps. Atomic number 36; atomic weight 83.80; melting point -156.6°C; boiling point -152.30°C; density 3.73 grams per liter (0°C). See Periodic Table.

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