lake of the woods

lake of the woods

< /ˈɛl drɪk/, Tiger, born 1975, U.S. professional golfer.

  • Lake of the. Lake of the Woods.
  • noun

    1. Lake of the Woods See Lake of the Woods


    1. Tiger, real name Eldrick Woods . born 1975, US golfer: youngest US Masters champion and first Black golfer to win a major championship; winner of the US Masters (1997, 2001–02, 2005), US Open (2000, 2002, 2008), British Open Championship (2000, 2005–06), and the PGA Championship (1999, 2000, 2006-07); in 2001 he became the only player to hold all four major titles at once


    1. a lake in N central North America, mostly in W Northern Ontario, Canada: fed chiefly by the Rainy River; drains into Lake Winnipeg by the Winnipeg River; many islands; tourist region. Area: 3846 sq km (1485 sq miles)

    pl n

    1. closely packed trees forming a forest or wood, esp a specific one
    2. another word for backwoods (def. 2)
    3. the woodwind instruments in an orchestraSee also wood 1 (def. 8)
    4. neck of the woods informal an area or localitya quiet neck of the woods

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