< /knaʊt/, 1895–1985, U.S. philosopher.

adjective, noun, adverb Scot. and North England.

  1. long1.

noun Irish slang

  1. another word for penis
  2. derogatory a disagreeable person


  1. Bernhard (ˈbɛrnhart). born 1957, German professional golfer: won the US Masters Championship (1985, 1993)


  1. a Scot word for long 1


  1. Cosmo Gordon, 1st Baron Lang of Lambeth. 1864–1945, British churchman; archbishop of Canterbury (1928–42)
  2. Fritz. 1890–1976, Austrian film director, later in the US, most notable for his silent films, such as Metropolis (1926), M (1931), and The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1932)
  3. Jack (John Thomas). 1876–1975, controversial Labor premier of New South Wales from 1925–27 and from 1930–32, who introduced much social welfare legislation and was dismissed by the governor, Sir Philip Game, in 1932 for acting unconstitutionally

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