1. a small lap, flap, or loosely hanging part, especially of a garment or headdress.
  2. a projecting, lobelike structure in certain invertebrate animals.
  3. Ornithology. a wattle or other fleshy process on a bird’s head.
  4. Textiles.
    1. a rack or bar containing needles, situated at the front of the reed, and used in the production of figured patterns.
    2. an ornamented fabric produced by lappet weaving.


  1. a small hanging flap or piece of lace, etc, such as one dangling from a headdress
  2. zoology a lobelike hanging structure, such as the wattle on a bird’s head

n.“a small flap,” 1570s; earlier “lobe of a body part” (early 15c.), from Middle English lappe “lap” (see lap (n.)) + -et, diminutive suffix.

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