"Last gift": Mourning for Christo – Paris wants to wrap a triumphal arch

Even after the death of the artist Christo, France stuck to the planned packaging of the triumphal arch in Paris. The action in the autumn of next year will be like "a last gift from this artist to this city", said the office of Head of State Emmanuel Macron.

Macron and numerous other politicians, as well as artists, friends, fans and companions worldwide mourned Christo, who died on Sunday in New York about two weeks before his 85th birthday. A dpa spokesman in New York said that when and where the funeral will be and how it could look exactly is not yet certain.

In Germany, Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude, who died in 2009, became known primarily because of the veiling of the Reichstag in Berlin. In 1995 they covered the building with 100,000 square meters of special fabric. The campaign attracted five million visitors and is still considered one of her masterpieces.

The wrapping has given the Reichstag "new visibility" and "the importance of the seat of Parliament for us today," said Minister of Culture Monika Grütters. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was also concerned about Christ's death. «With the veiled Reichstag in Berlin, Christo gave us Germans a work of art that will always be remembered. It has burned itself into our hearts as a symbol for a cosmopolitan Germany. » With the veiled Reichstag, Christo created pictures "that have never been forgotten," said Berlin's mayor Michael Müller.

Other famous projects by the artist couple included the “Big Air Package”, the air package in the Gasometer Oberhausen, the saffron-colored gates in New York's Central Park (“The Gates”), the floating, nylon-covered walkways on the water of Lake Iseo in Lombardy ( "Floating Piers") and the packed bridge Pont Neuf in Paris.

The next major project by the Bulgarian-born American, who had a studio in southern Manhattan, was to cover the Parisian triumphal arch. It had been postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic and is planned to take place between September 18 and October 3, 2021.

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