1. of or relating to the St. Lawrence River.
  2. Geology. noting or pertaining to the granite intrusions and orogeny in Canada around the Great Lakes during Archeozoic time.

plural noun

  1. a range of low mountains in E Canada, between the St. Lawrence River and Hudson Bay.


  1. Also: Lawrentian of or resembling the style of D. H. Lawrence or T. E. Lawrence
  2. of, relating to, or situated near the St Lawrence River

pl n

  1. a range of low mountains in E Canada, in Quebec between the St Lawrence River and Hudson Bay. Highest point: 1191 m (3905 ft)Also called: Laurentides (ˈlɔːrənˌtaɪdz)

in reference to granite strata in eastern Canada, 1863, named for the Laurentian Mountains, where it is found, which are named for the nearby St. Lawrence River. Hence, Laurasia, Paleozoic supercontinent comprising North America and Eurasia, 1931, from German (1928), from Laurentia, geologists’ name for the ancient core of North America + (Eur)asia.

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