1. a chain, strap, etc., for controlling or leading a dog or other animal; lead.
  2. check; curb; restraint: to keep one’s temper in leash; a tight leash on one’s subordinates.
  3. Hunting. a brace and a half, as of foxes or hounds.

verb (used with object)

  1. to secure, control, or restrain by or as if by a leash: to leash water power for industrial use.
  2. to bind together by or as if by a leash; connect; link; associate.


  1. a line or rope used to walk or control a dog or other animal; lead
  2. something resembling this in functionhe kept a tight leash on his emotions
  3. hunting three of the same kind of animal, usually hounds, foxes, or hares
  4. straining at the leash eagerly impatient to begin something


  1. (tr) to control or secure by or as if by a leash

v.“to attach to or with a leash,” 1590s, from leash (n.). Related: Leashed; leashing. n.“thong for holding a dog or hound,” c.1300, from Old French laisse “hound’s leash,” from laissier “loosen,” from Latin laxare, from laxus “loose” (see lax). Figurative sense attested from early 15c. The meaning “a set of three” is from early 14c., originally in sporting language.

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