noun, verb (used without object)

  1. letch.


  1. a lecherous desire or craving.
  2. a lecher.
  3. any strong desire or liking.

verb (used without object)

  1. to behave like a lecher (often followed by for or after).


  1. a river in central Europe, rising in SW Austria and flowing generally north through S Germany to the River Danube. Length: 285 km (177 miles)

verb, noun

  1. a variant spelling of lech


  1. (intr usually foll by after) to behave lecherously (towards); lust (after)


  1. a lecherous act or indulgence

n.1“Celtic monumental stone,” 1768, from Welsh llech, cognate with Gaelic and Irish leac (see cromlech). n.2“yen, strong desire” (especially sexual), 1796, variant of letch. Meaning “a lecher” is by 1943. n.“craving, longing,” 1796, perhaps a back-formation from lecher, or from a figurative use of latch (v.) in a secondary sense of “grasp, grasp on to.”

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