1. of or relating to a lens.
  2. biconvex; convexo-convex.
  3. resembling the seed of a lentil in form; lentil-shaped.


  1. Also: lentoid (ˈlɛntɔɪd) shaped like a biconvex lens
  2. of or concerned with a lens or lenses
  3. shaped like a lentil seed
  4. of or relating to a galaxy with a large central bulge, small disc, but no spiral arms, intermediate in shape between spiral and elliptical galaxies

adj.early 15c., from Late Latin lenticularis, from lenticula “a small lentil,” diminutive of lens “lentil” (see lentil). Related: Lenticularity. adj.

  1. Of or relating to a lens.
  2. Shaped like a biconvex lens.
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