1. of or relating to the lion.
  2. resembling or suggestive of a lion.
  3. (usually initial capital letter) of or relating to Leo, especially Leo IV or Leo XIII.


  1. of, characteristic of, or resembling a lion


  1. connected with one of the popes called Leo
  2. Leonine City a district of Rome on the right bank of the Tiber fortified by Pope Leo IV
  3. of or relating to certain prayers in the Mass prescribed by Pope Leo XIII


  1. Also called: Leonine verse
    1. a type of medieval hexameter or elegiac verse having internal rhyme
    2. a type of English verse with internal rhyme

adj.“lion-like,” late 14c., from Old French leonin or directly from Latin leoninus “belonging to or resembling a lion,” from leo (genitive leonis) “lion.” Weekley thinks that Leonine verse (1650s), rhymed in the middle as well as the end of the line, probably is from the name of some medieval poet, perhaps Leo, Canon of St. Victor, Paris, 12c. adj.

  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
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