1. Doris (May),1919–2013, British novelist in Africa; born in Persia; Nobel Prize in Literature 2007.
  2. Gott·hold E·phra·im [gawt-hawlt ey-frah-im] /ˈgɔt hɔlt ˈeɪ frɑ ɪm/, 1729–81, German critic and dramatist.


  1. Doris (May). born 1919, English novelist and short-story writer, brought up in Rhodesia: her novels include the five-novel sequence Children of Violence (1952–69), The Golden Notebook (1962), a series of science-fiction works (1979–83), The Good Terrorist (1985), and The Sweetest Dream (2001). Nobel prize for literature 2007
  2. Gotthold Ephraim (ˈɡɔthɔlt ˈeːfrɑɪm). 1729–81, German dramatist and critic. His plays include Miss Sara Sampson (1755), the first German domestic tragedy, and Nathan der Weise (1779). He is noted for his criticism of French classical dramatists, and for his treatise on aesthetics Laokoon (1766)

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