verb (used without object) British Slang.

  1. to leave secretly or hurriedly to avoid paying debts.


  1. the lands bordering the E shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Also called Levant morocco. a superior grade of morocco having a large and prominent grain, originally made in the Levant.


  1. a type of leather made from the skins of goats, sheep, or seals, having a pattern of irregular creases


  1. (intr) British to bolt or abscond, esp to avoid paying debts


  1. the Levant a former name for the area of the E Mediterranean now occupied by Lebanon, Syria, and Israel

“Mediterranean lands east of Italy,” late 15c., from Middle French levant “the Orient,” from present participle of lever “to rise” (from Latin levare “to raise;” see lever). The region so called in reference to the direction of sunrise. Name for the nations on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea: Cyprus, Egypt (see also Egypt), Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.

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